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"Into Town Came the
Monsters from the Desert"

Quintessential Dog Lover
Quintessential Dog Lover

Quintessential Dog Lover
Wikipedia and Your Children

Google and Your Children
Google and Your Children

Wikipedia and Your Children

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WIkipedia and Your Children


Thank you, very much, to my patrons.  The UNCHAINED channel is my only source of income.

As a video creator, I have the same types of bills like any other poor soul has, and there are the added costs, such as computer equipment that can handle the heavy processing demands of video production, and perhaps, better software for fancier effects, etc.  Much of the equipment, i.e. microphone, mixer, lighting, and more, are still being paid for on a month by month basis.

As a grandfather, I am very concerned about the world my grandchildren will inherit.  Many of you are parents with the same concerns.  Your support of this channel helps us fight the good fight together.

Again, thank you.  You have my deepest gratitude.

Yours truly,



I started this video channel because I have become disgusted, beyond description, with the destructive identity politics and suicidal tendencies of western culture.  Marxism has taken foothold in academia from kindergarten to doctorate, shaping young minds whose neural pathways are still being formed.  Misandry has become a cultural norm.  Governments of the western world are welcoming their own doom by vacuuming third world violence and misogyny into their countries.  Racial attitudes and behavior have become everybody against boys and men, whites, and especially white men.  Bringing attention to these issues will get a person labeled a misogynist, a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, a Nazi, and a white supremacist.

More people must speak up about these matters.  The fact is, we are being muzzled.  I am done with being muzzled.  I like to think of myself as unchained.

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My life long hobby is composing and recording music in my studio.  I love art, literature, and science.
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